Answer these questions, and we'll tell you if you would survive a horror movie.

Will you live on to tell the tale?

It's midnight, and you're watching a show on your television. You see a figure standing in front of your window. What would you do?

Grab a knife from the kitchen.
Make an escape through the back door.
Simply ignore it.
Hide in the basement.
Call for help.
Go outside and ask if they need help.

Your window is smashed in. What would you do?

Run to the nearest public location.
Grab your keys and rush to your car.
Run to your neighbor's house.
Arm yourself and investigate outside.

Pick a weapon you would use.

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You just witnessed the killer swipe at your friend. Would you help them?

Image: Warner Bros.
I'll do as much as I can to help them.
Nope. I'm outta there.

You just finished shopping and you're walking to your car late at night. You hear a strange sound behind you. What would you do?

Rush to your car.
Run back in the store.
Ignore it.
Look around to see who it was.

You just stabbed the killer in the chest, who is now laying on the ground motionless. What is the next action you would take?

Get out of the area.
Take another jab at the killer.
Call the police and wait until they arrive.
Check to see if the killer is dead.

You're in the woods running away from the killer, and you see a house in the distance. What would you do?

Continue running.
If the door is open, hide inside the house.
Bang on the door for help.

You're heading to bed, but you hear a noise coming from downstairs. You're home alone and nobody has access to your house. You head down the stairs to check if anyone is there, but there isn't. What would you do?

See if anyone is upstairs.
Go back to your room and sleep.
Hide downstairs.
Make yourself known.

A masked killer has you cornered, making it difficult to escape. What action would you take?

Image: Dimension Films
Punch them in the jaw.
Kick them in the genital.
Punch them in the chest.
Poke their eyes out.

Pick a hiding location.

Behind a couch
In a closet
In a storage chest
Under a bed

All 10 questions completed!

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