Choosing a Theme Park Ticket

Universal Studios Hollywood offers numerous ticket options to visit the theme park. To help you select a ticket that’s best for you, we have divided this guide into three sections: ticket options, pricing, and verdict. These sections provide detailed information about each ticket and recommendations based on what you wish to experience. It should be noted that this guide only provides information on standard tickets. Vacation packages, annual passes, and other options are not discussed.

Ticket Options

Universal Studios Hollywood offers 1-day admission and 2-day admission tickets. With 1-day admission tickets, you have the option to select the day of your visit to receive a discounted price or choose anytime admission for an additional cost. With 2-day admission tickets, you are required to select the first day of your visit and revisit the park within a 7-day period.

The ticket options listed in this guide are based on Universal Studios Hollywood’s online options.


The rates displayed on this page are according to online prices published by Universal Studios Hollywood. Adult rates apply to ages 10 and up, and children rates apply to ages 3-9. Tax, processing fees, and parking are not included in these rates. You can learn more about these ticket options and purchase tickets at

Rates last updated on March 27, 2019.

  • 1-day general admission: Ranges from $109 to $129 for adults and $103 to $123 for children
  • 1-day anytime admission: $139 for adults and $133 for children
  • 2-day general admission: Ranges from $149 to $169 for adults and $143 to $163 for children


Universal Studios Hollywood offers a wide variety of themed rides, attractions, and shows that put you beyond the screens and into popular movies and shows. The park features various themed areas designed to immerse guests into various popular cities and film and show locations. The park is also home to one of the most iconic studio lots.

Depending on the crowd levels during your trip, it is possible to experience many of Universal Studios Hollywood’s attractions in a single day, so for most guests, a 1-day admission ticket is sufficient. However, if you prefer taking your time or wish to re-experience many of the park’s attractions, a 2-day admission ticket is suggested. If you plan to visit for a single day, we advise that you select the day of your visit rather than opting for anytime admission as this will allow you to save money.

Universal Studios Hollywood tickets can be purchased at or from a trusted agency.

Last updated on March 27, 2019.