Universal Studios Hollywood Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many days does it take to experience all of Universal Studios Hollywood?
The answer to this depends on what you’re interested in experiencing. You can click/tap here to view our detailed guide about the best ticket option for you.

2. What is Universal Express?
Universal Express is Universal Studios Hollywood’s express line system. The pass allows guests to wait in a separate queue with significantly shorter wait times. It also grants early access to shows so guests can locate better seats. Universal Express is available at most attractions and shows at the resort. Passes can be purchased at universalstudioshollywood.com.

3. What is Single Riders?
Universal Studios Hollywood offers a Single Riders queue for most attractions throughout their parks. The Single Riders line is intended for those riding the attraction alone, but it can also be utilized by groups of people. However, it should be noted that those entering the Single Riders line in a group will be separated from each other. The line operates by placing guests in the Single Riders queue in rows or vehicles that are not fully occupied by a group who waited in the regular line or Universal Express line. Due to this, the Single Riders line may have a shorter wait time than the regular line, which is why Universal occasionally promotes it at busy rides. Single Rider is based on availability and is subject to change without notice.

4. What is Child Switch?
Universal’s Child Swap is designed to accommodate those traveling with younger guests. All members of a party can enter a line together. Shortly before riding, the child or baby and at least one adult must wait in a designated area while the other members experience the ride. Once the other members return, they can watch the baby/child while the member(s) who waited ride the attraction. This service makes it easy for all members of a group to experience an attraction if they’re traveling with a baby or a child who either cannot or does not want to ride.

5. What is the VIP Experience?
The VIP Experience is a guided tour led by a Universal Studios Hollywood expert, which includes access to areas of the famous backlot. The experience also provides quick access to attractions and other benefits. To view all options available for the VIP Experience, click/tap here.

6. What is My Universal Photos?
My Universal Photos is Universal Studios Hollywood’s photography service. Throughout the park and on select rides, photographers or automated cameras can capture your moments. You can then purchase the images anytime during the day.

7. What are the height restrictions for the attractions?
The height restrictions vary for each attraction. Click/tap here to view the height restrictions for all attractions at the park.

8. How much does Universal charge for parking?
Prices may vary based on the type of vehicle you’re parking and the parking option you select. You can click/tap here to view the latest parking information.

9. When does the park open and close?
Opening and closing times vary. Click/tap here to view the latest park hours.

10. When does Universal CityWalk close?
Universal CityWalk’s hours vary. Click/tap here to view the latest hours.

11. Do the parks close during thunderstorms?
Universal Studios Hollywood is open all days of the year, including during thunderstorms. However, outdoor attractions will close if lightning is in the area.

12. Can I give my ticket to another person if I haven’t used it or completed the remaining days?
Tickets are nontransferable, so a ticket purchased under your name must be used by you.

13. Does Universal Studios Hollywood offer meals for vegetarians or vegans?
Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy meals from various dining locations throughout the parks. Information about this is discussed in our vegetarian and vegan guide, which can be accessed by clicking/tapping here.

14. Does Universal Studios Hollywood offer meals for those with food allergies?
Universal can accommodate guests with food allergies. To learn more about this topic, click/tap here.

15. Does Universal search bags?
Prior to entering the park, security will scan your personal belongs. You will also be required to pass through a metal detector.

16. What items are not permitted in the park?
Universal Studios Hollywood does not permit weapons of any kind, alcoholic beverages, marijuana, illegal items or substances, clothing likely to create a disturbance, clothing that represents emergency personnel or a Universal team member, glass containers, and more. To view all prohibited items, click/tap here.

17. Is there Wi-Fi available?
Universal Studios Hollywood offers complimentary Wi-Fi at all parks and Universal CityWalk.

18. Are their services for guests with disabilities?
Universal provides services for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing; have vision disabilities; or use a wheelchair, ECV (Electric Conveyance Vehicle), prosthetic limbs, oxygen tank, or another device. Additionally, service animals are welcome at the resort. To view full accessibility information, click/tap here.

19. Are there First Aid stations located at the parks?
Universal Studios Hollywood offers First Aid stations on both the Upper Lot and Lower Lot. Exact locations are marked on the park map.

20. Is there a kennel service available?
A kennel service is not available at Universal Studios Hollywood.

21. Does Universal offer strollers or wheelchairs?
Strollers and wheelchairs are available for rent in several locations throughout the park.

22. Are there locker facilities available?
Locker facilities are available to guests throughout the destination. Guests can choose to rent a locker for a fee or take advantage of complimentary lockers that are available at select attractions for the duration of the ride.

23. Am I allowed to smoke on the property?
You are only permitted to smoke in designated areas, which are marked on the park guides. Marijuana is not permitted on the property.

24. How can I contact Universal Studios Hollywood?
For general information, call (800) 864-8377. To reach Group Sales, call (800) 959-9688. For assistance with tickets, call (866) 258-6546. For help with FlexPay, call (866) 254-8275. For help with special events, call (818) 622-1548. To reach lost and found, call 1-800-UNIVERSAL (choose option 4). You can also send an online message to Universal by clicking/tapping here.

Last updated on February 25, 2019.

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