Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Tips

Getting Your Ticket

  1. Purchase your tickets online and in advance at Orlando.HalloweenHorrorNights.com for the best deals available. By doing this, you’ll save time and money as opposed to purchasing tickets at the gate.

Avoiding the Lines

  1. Use our FREE Halloween Horror Nights crowd level estimator, which can be accessed by clicking/tapping on the “Crowd Levels” tab on the main Halloween Horror Nights planning guide page for Universal Orlando, to determine which night(s) is/are best for your trip.
  2. Use our FREE Halloween Horror Nights touring plans and guides to get the most out of your night.
  3. Arrive ahead of the event kickoff (6:30 PM) to be one of the first to experience the event’s houses, experiences, and shows. We recommend arriving anywhere between 30-60 minutes early, depending on how busy the night is expected to be.
  4. If you purchased a daytime ticket and a Halloween Horror Nights ticket, consider staying in the park and waiting at one of the designated “Stay and Scream” locations, as you will be permitted to stay in the area as security empties out the park. Doing this will allow you to be one of the first to experience the open houses, which means shorter wait times.
  5. If you’re staying at a Universal Orlando on-site hotel and you do not possess a daytime ticket, we highly suggest using the designated Halloween Horror Nights entrance for on-site guests. This will allow you to avoid the crowds at the main entrance and enter the event sooner.
  6. Consider purchasing a Halloween Horror Nights Express pass during the busiest nights to skip the regular lines at all houses.
  7. Avoid using Halloween Horror Nights Express for houses with short wait times as you will not be allowed to revisit any houses using the pass. Instead, consider waiting in the regular line if it is short. You can revisit any house using the Express pass should the wait time extend.

Saving Money

  1. If you’re a AAA member show your membership card. Members can receive discounts at various locations.
  2. If you’re an American Express member use your card. You can receive discounts at various locations and special benefits.
  3. If you’re a Universal Orlando Preferred or Premier annual passholder, show your pass to receive discounts on qualifying food, merchandise, and specialty items throughout the resort.
  4. Purchase a Coca-Cola Freestyle cup to receive free refills of soft drinks for an entire day.
  5. Satisfy your stomach by eating a meal either in the CityWalk complex or at a nearby dining location off-site. Doing this may save you money for higher quality food versus eating at a location in the park.

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