Terms & Conditions

Information last updated on June 7, 2019.

World of Universal operates worldofuniversal.com and all social media accounts under the “World of Universal” name linked on this website. We advise that you review these Terms & Conditions carefully to ensure that you understand both our and your legal rights as well as additional important details. Your use of worldofuniversal.com constitutes your understanding of all the information in this notice.

1. Our Information Practices
Your use of worldofuniversal.com constitutes your acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

2. Your Conduct and Acceptable Use
The following rules are a condition of your use of and access to our website and social media accounts. You are responsible for the content of your communications.

Bullying: You may not use our website or social media accounts to threaten, abuse, harass, or invade the privacy of anyone. Doing so may result in permanent blocking.

Unauthorized Access: You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to our website or social media accounts or any information contained therein for any unlawful purpose. World of Universal shall determine whether any content you transmit or receive or your use of the services violates this provision.

Collection of Data: You may not collect information about our users and followers for the purpose of unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, spam or bulk email, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation.

Unlawful Conduct: You may not use our website or social media accounts for any unlawful purpose.

3. Affiliate Links
Some posts and pages on our website may contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, we may be compensated should you choose to utilize the links located throughout our site and/or purchase a product displayed on the linked page. You are in no way, however, obligated to click on any link or purchase any products that are advertised. Posts and pages published to our website that contain affiliate links do not impact our outlook on a product, business, or location.

World of Universal is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

4. Content Accuracy
We strive to provide the most accurate information on our website and social media accounts; however, we cannot guarantee that all information published on our site and social media accounts are absolutely precise or factual. Any changes made to a post on our site (this applies to blog posts only) will be noted. Please be aware that any post tagged as a “rumor” on our website may contain content that can change or may not have been planned at all. Please note that some pages and posts may contain outdated information. Most pages and posts on our site feature a date stamp, which can help inform you when such information was true. World of Universal shall not be held accountable for the accuracy of any information provided on this website or on our social media accounts.

5. Content Agreement
You may not copy, redistribute, publish, sell, or otherwise make the original contents of this website available to third parties unless you have received prior authorization from us.

6. Ownership
The World of Universal symbol and logo is the property of World of Universal. Other featured logos, characters, and images are the property of their respective owners.

7. Copyright Notice
If we believe that any of our content is published or used without our consent or if any of our content is not given appropriate credit, we may respond using any procedure we deem proper. This applies to any of our original content published on site’s not owned by World of Universal (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc.). If you would like to feature any of our original photos, you are free to do so by including “Photo via worldofuniversal.com” in your post (approval is not necessary). You may also credit us for our photos in any way that mentions worldofuniversal.com or our social media accounts. Reproducing any videos we produce and reproducing information included in our posts and pages is prohibited. You do, however, have the right to include excerpts of our content in your work, if credit is given (approval is not necessary). If information about a topic is published to our site that you would like to feature (for example, a newly uncovered development), approval is not necessary; however, it is expected that you provide credit to our website.

If you believe that your copyrighted work is infringed by content appearing on our website or social media accounts, please contact us at support@worldofuniversal.com and title the subject “Copyright Infringement.” Then, include the following information in your notice to us.

Required Information for Copyright Infringement Notices
1. Your first and last name.
2. Your website and/or social media account(s) (if you own any).
3. A link to and/or a detailed description of the work you believe has been infringed.
4. A detailed statement about why you suspect the work has been infringed.
5. Proof that the work you believe has been infringed is yours.

Please note that the copyrighted work must be your own. If your message requires a response, you should receive one within 48 hours (check your spam/junk folder in addition to your inbox).

8. Giveaways
World of Universal may hold giveaways to reward winners with a prize. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. A payment of any kind will not increase your chances of winning.

The giveaways are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Universal Parks & Resorts, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, or any destination, company, or website not officially owned by World of Universal. Entrants are providing information to World of Universal, a website that covers topics in travel and entertainment.

Sponsor: World of Universal

Eligibility: These rules apply to all World of Universal giveaways, including those conducted on worldofuniversal.com and our official social media accounts. The giveaways are open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) states in the United States of America and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years old and of the age of majority in their state of residence at the time of entry [age of majority is nineteen (19) years in Alabama and Nebraska and twenty-one (21) years in Mississippi]. The giveaways are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited. World of Universal team members, as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children, regardless of where they reside) and household members, are not eligible to enter World of Universal giveaways. Participation constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these rules and our decisions. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.

You must follow all directions and rules in this section of the Terms & Conditions to be eligible to receive a prize in connection with any World of Universal giveaway.

How to Enter: Information regarding entry for a giveaway is provided in giveaway announcements made on our website or official social media accounts. No other method of entry except those provided in such announcements will be accepted. Limit one (1) entry per person per giveaway, regardless of method of entry.

Length: World of Universal shall only accept giveaway entries during the period that they are scheduled to run. Entries before or after a giveaway period will not be accepted. Information regarding the length of a giveaway is provided in giveaway announcements made on our website or social media accounts.

Entry and Timing: The time and date World of Universal uses for giveaways is the local time in Orlando, Florida (U.S. eastern time). The system in which World of Universal uses is the official time-keeping device for all giveaways. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same email account or social media account. The potential winner may be required to show proof of being the authorized account holder.

Winner Selection: The potential winner(s) of a giveaway will be selected by random drawing from among all eligible entries received for the applicable giveaway promptly following the end of the applicable entry period. The decisions made are final and will not change unless there is a complication reaching the winner(s), a required form is not completed within the mandatory time frame, the winner(s) is/are disqualified, or due to any other complication. The potential winner(s) will be notified via private message or email with the information they provided or with the information we have on record. Potential winners are responsible for ensuring that their social media accounts and emails are configured to receive private messages. In the event that a potential winner cannot be reached, if a winner is disqualified for any reason, or if a prize is returned as undeliverable, we will award the applicable prize to an alternate winner by random drawing from among all remaining eligible entries.

Prizes: The prize(s) shall only be identified by World of Universal and not by any other individual, site, social media account, company, business, etc. Such prizes vary from time to time. World of Universal shall not be held accountable for the damage of any prize to winners that may have been caused when in delivery. Prizes are non-transferable.

General Conditions: World of Universal reserves the right to cancel, suspend, and/or modify any giveaway for any reason with and without consent. World of Universal is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information due to possible printing errors or programming issues, unauthorized human intervention, technical or human error, lost or misdirected messages or emails, and misuse of any prize. World of Universal reserves the right to disqualify any individual for any reason with and without notice.

Personal Information: Information collected from entrants is subject to our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions.

Winner Announcement: Winners may or may not be publicly announced. Winners shall be individually notified by email or private message on social media with the information they provided or with the information we have on record.

9. Termination
World of Universal reserves the right to terminate any worldofuniversal.com accounts and block any users from accessing this website and/or our social media accounts for any reason with and without notice.

10. Changes to our Terms & Conditions
From time to time, it may be necessary for us to update the information presented in this Terms & Conditions to meet any changes that have been made or to clarify the context of this notice. World of Universal reserves the right to change any information in these Terms & Conditions at any time and may do so without notification. Should any change come, the modified date will be posted at the top of this page. Your use of our website following any changes constitutes your understanding of our revised Terms & Conditions. It is your responsibility to periodically review this notice to ensure that you understand the current version.

11. How to Contact Us
You may contact us with any questions or comments about these Terms & Conditions or our operations and services by emailing support@worldofuniversal.com. If your message is to discuss the content of these Terms & Conditions, please title the subject “Terms & Conditions Information.” If your message is to discuss our operations and services, please create a title for the subject line that best suits what your email is about. We will make every effort to address the concern(s) or question(s) that you may have. If your message requires a response and you have not received one within 48 hours, check your spam/junk folder to ensure it wasn’t improperly filtered. If you did not receive a response, you should resend your message.