About Us

Coverage that universally matters.
Our name ties in directly with the coverage we provide. We are a world of “involving all.” In other words, we are a place where you can find posts that discuss topics that universally matter in travel and entertainment. Our logo further represents this with the use of the earth, which defines the word “universal” and emphasizes the North American continent to showcase the location from which a majority of our news originates. Additionally, our logo features an incomplete blue frame to show that our goal will never quite be complete—we will always continue to push our boundaries to provide better content to our readers.

Vacations are precious.
Vacations aren’t just trips; they’re marvelous journies that are meant to be treasured forever. We believe that every vacation deserves good planning, which is why we provide absolutely complimentary vacation planning tools that are designed to help you experience everything there is to do at two of the most visited vacation destinations in the world—Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.

On May 31, 2014, World of Universal was founded with the intention to provide Universal Orlando enthusiasts and visitors with stunning photos of the resort via social media; coverage of Universal Studios Hollywood began later in the year.

In 2015, we reached a new benchmark: the launch of WorldOfUniversal.com. We laid out a plan that would make this site distinctive, vibrant, user-friendly, and informative. Our vision was to develop a site that was different from generic news and vacation planning sites. Our vision was to create a site where travel and entertainment enthusiasts could find the most informative news for destinations and films that universally matter as well as receive help for an upcoming trip. We did just this with the launch of our blog, the World of Universal NewsFlash, and our vacation planning resources.

Today, World of Universal helps thousands of users every month plan vacations and learn new details.

Our Objective
We strive to be the ultimate source for the most informative news in travel and entertainment and the most efficient vacation planning tools. With the help of our contributors, we publish several new posts every month and update our vacation planning resources frequently to ensure the newest information is always available.

Our Team

John Sala
Owner & Editor-in-Chief
​John Sala was born and raised in South Florida. He founded World Of Universal in 2014 as a way to cover destinations and topics that universally matter. John is an avid theme park fan who has a passion for journalism, photography, videography, digital art, and website designing. He leads the World Of Universal team and pushes for the site to be the premier source for theme park news and vacation guides.
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Christy Mei
Christy Mei was born and raised in South Florida. She has been an annual passholder to Universal Orlando since 2013 and has visited the resort since 2004. Christy enjoys photography, videography, traveling, fashion, and theme parks. She has her own YouTube channel where she likes to show her personality through the camera lens. Her goal is to provide our community with helpful tips.
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Tyler Murillo
Tyler Murillo was born and raised in South Florida. He has been an avid fan of theme parks since his first trip to Universal's Islands of Adventure at the age of six. Being a Universal Orlando annual passholder for many years has allowed him to visit the resort numerous times over the course of a year; he considers the resort his second home. Tyler has a passion for both writing and photography, and his goal is to provide helpful tips, park updates, and any news to keep our community up-to-date.
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Kimberly Castellotti-Ward
Voice Actor
Kimberly runs a real estate brokerage firm in South Florida with her husband, Thomas. The two have been passionate Universal Orlando fans since 2000 ― when they honeymooned at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel; they have been hooked ever since, and they now share the love of all things Universal with their two sons. Previously, Kimberly worked in heavy metal management and in radio in New York City as her career. She also spent time doing on-air talent as well as commercial voice overs. Kimberly has done various hosting jobs and promotional videos along the way, prior to her real estate career.
Bianca Marquez

Bianca Marquez is a young adult who was born and raised in the state of California, but she now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bianca is an annual passholder to the Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. In addition to visiting these destinations, she has also visited many of the Disney and Universal parks across the globe. Her interest in theme parks persuaded her to create an Instagram page centered around the topic under the account name "ThemeParkPhotos."

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Angela Luce

Angela has been behind a camera since she was 12 years old. She moved to Florida from Ohio in 2012, and she has since spent every weekend at the Disney and Universal parks, with an occasional trip to other popular Florida parks. Angela loves the Florida sun, being outside, people watching, experiencing the theme parks, and taking pictures. Her current goal is to start traveling to new destinations every year.

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Ernie Carr

After moving to Florida in 2002, Ernie was bitten by the theme park bug. From attending many regional and national parks as a child, he then went on to work as an engineer in a theme park and fell in love with everything about them. Ernie moved to Orlando in 2015 to work as an engineer, and he took up photography as a hobby (he hasn't put the camera down since). While enjoying working technically and creatively to expand his photography, he also enjoys attending theme parks weekly to experience new developments and to also find new ways to appreciate the classics.

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Anthony Hershey
Born and raised in the heart of Florida, Anthony Hershey has spent a fair amount of his days at the local theme parks. Over the years, he has built up extensive knowledge on many aspects of pop culture. Devoted to sharing his love of the parks to all, he aims to provide enlightening information and interesting viewpoints of the Universal parks and more. He also documents his many adventures on his "the_theme_geek" Instagram page.
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