Tips to Use When Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

Getting Your Ticket

  1. Purchase your tickets online and in advance at for the best deals available. By doing this, you’ll save time and money as opposed to purchasing tickets at the gate.

Avoiding the Lines

  1. Use our FREE Universal Studios Hollywood crowd calendar to determine which day(s) is/are best for your trip.
  2. Universal our FREE Universal Studios Hollywood touring plans and guides to get the most out of your vacation.
  3. Download the official Universal Studios Hollywood mobile application on the App Store or Google Play Store to view the wait times for rides and attractions at the park.
  4. Arrive ahead of park opening to be one of the first to experience the rides, attractions, and shows.
  5. Use the single riders line to experience attractions with a shorter wait time (not available at all attractions; you may be split from your party).
  6. Consider purchasing a Front of Line pass during the busiest days to skip the regular lines at participating rides and attractions.

Saving Money

  1. If you’re a AAA member, show your membership card. Current AAA members can receive discounts at various locations.
  2. If you’re an American Express customer, show your card. By doing so, you can receive a 10% discount to purchase $10 in food and beverages , a 10% discount to purchase $75 in qualifying merchandise, and more.
  3. If you’re a Universal Studios Hollywood Platinum or Gold annual passholder, show your pass to receive discounts on qualifying food, merchandise, and specialty items throughout the property.
  4. Bring a small snack to avoid purchasing unnecessary food at the park. Be sure that the food you pack follows Universal Studios Hollywood’s policies.

Getting Through the Day with Excessive Items

  1. Rent a locker for the entire day or a portion of the day.

Getting Through the Day with Young Children

  1. Take advantage of Universal Studios Hollywood’s child switch service. This allows one member of a party to watch over the child/children while the rest of the party experiences the attraction. When the party has arrived, the member waiting can swap places with the party to enjoy the attraction without waiting in line.

Going on a Water Ride

  1. Consider renting a locker where they are available.
  2. Bring waterproof sealable bags so that your valuable items do not get wet. By placing items such as your cell phone or jewelry in a bag of this kind, you’ll be able to bring them on the attraction without worrying about them getting damaged.
  3. If you wish not to remain wet throughout most of the day, consider packing an extra pair of clothes to change out of your wet ones.

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