Choosing a Theme Park Ticket

Universal Studios Hollywood features an amazing movie theme park that puts you behind-the-scenes and beyond the screens, and the destination offers multiple park tickets to experience it. To help you select a ticket that’s best for you, we have divided this guide into three sections: ticket options, pricing, and verdict. These sections provide detailed information about each ticket and recommendations based on what you wish to experience. It should be noted that this guide only provides information on regular tickets; packages are not discussed.

Ticket Options
Universal Studios Hollywood offers a 1-day general admission ticket, which requires you to select the exact date of your visit (valid on your selected date only), a 1-day anytime admission ticket, which allows you to visit the park anytime before a certain date, and a 2-day general admission ticket, which requires you to select an exact date for your first visit and allows you to visit again within seven (7) days of your first visit.

Pricing (online rates; tax, processing fee, parking not included)
1-day general admission: Prices range from $105 to $116 for adults and $99 to $110 for children.
• 1-day anytime admission is $120 for adults and $114 for children.
• 2-day general admission is $129 for adults and $123 for children.

NOTE: Adult tickets apply to ages 10 and up. Children tickets apply to ages 3-9. For exact pricing of 1-day tickets, visit

Universal Studios Hollywood offers a wide variety of highly themed rides, attractions, and shows that put you beyond the screens and into the movies. The movie theme park features about 11 rides and attractions and three live shows.

Depending on the crowd levels in the park, it is very possible to experience the park’s top attractions in just one day; however, if you would like to visit the park more at ease and re-experience your most beloved attractions, a 2-day admission ticket is most recommended for you. We do not recommend purchasing an anytime admission ticket because of its higher price; this option is only suggested if you do not have a set date for your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.

We highly advise that you purchase your tickets online on the official Universal Studios Hollywood website for the best price guaranteed.

Last updated: May 3, 2017