Let’s see if you’re actually a wizard/witch

Did the owl come yet?

Which spell is used to temporarily bind the victim's body in a position much like that of a soldier at attention; the victim will usually fall to the ground?
This spell causes anything that it comes into contact with to explode, and presumably thereafter burst into flame.
What can be used to produce fire?
What can be used to open and unlock doors?
This is a dark spell that creates large, blood-oozing gashes on the subject as if said subject had been "slashed by a sword."
This turns animals to water goblets.
This can be used to hide a memory of a particular event.
What spell can be used when fighting a Boggart?
This shoots a ball of light at the place pointed (if the Wand is swung).
This terminates all spell effects in the vicinity of the caster.
Let's see if you're actually a wizard/witch
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