Are you a pro at navigating Universal Orlando’s theme parks?

Try answering all questions without looking at a park map.

You pass the gates of Universal Studios Florida, make a right just before the Hello Kitty store, follow the road and make a right at the first attraction/show. Which attraction/show did you walk into?
You make your way into Islands of Adventure and follow the straight path to the lagoon, but before venturing off to the other "islands," you make a stop at the last dining location to the right. Where are you at?
You just pass Universal Studios Florida's Music Plaza and walk directly into the closest landscaped park. What is the name of the park you just entered?
You enter Universal Studios Florida, follow the straight path and make a right just after passing the Shrek attraction. Then, you make a left at the Transformers ride, continue in a straight direction and turn right at the end of the road. You then walk into the first establishment on the left side. Where are you?
After exiting the Jurassic Park Discovery Center at the upper level, you turn right and follow the path. You then make a right after walking into Hogsmeade, continue straightforward, and walk into the first attraction/show to the left directly after the Hogsmeade sign. Which attraction/show are you at?
You just exited Diagon Alley and made a left turn. You then enter the first building you see after walking out of the London area. Where are you?
You depart for London at Hogsmeade Station. After exiting the Hogwarts Express at King's Cross Station, you make a right turn. You follow the road and then turn left at the first dining location in the area. Where are you eating at?
You just got off the Incredible Hulk Coaster and discover a restaurant directly in sight. What restaurant is this?
Are you a pro at navigating Universal Orlando's theme parks?
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