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Information last updated on May 19, 2017.

World Of Universal maintains and all social media accounts linked on this site. We advise that you review this Legal Notice carefully to ensure that you understand both our and your legal rights as well as additional important details. Your use of constitutes your understanding of all information in this notice.

I. Our Information Practices
Your use of constitutes your acceptance to our Privacy Policy.

II. About Our Services is a news/media and travel website that provides Universal theme park news, guides, and additional content as well as efficient vacation planning tools designed to help travelers get the most out of their Universal Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood trip.

World Of Universal is in no way affiliated with Universal Parks & Resorts or its parent companies or any destination/production that may be discussed on this website.

III. Content Accuracy
We strive to provide the most accurate information on our website; however, we cannot guarantee that all information published on our site is absolutely precise or factual. It should be noted that any post tagged as a “rumor” may contain content that can change or may not have been planned at all. World Of Universal shall not be held accountable for the accuracy of any information provided on this website or on our social media accounts.

IV. Your Agreement
You may not copy, redistribute, publish, sell, or otherwise make the original contents of this website available to third parties unless you have received prior authorization from us.

V. Ownership
The World Of Universal logo and favicon (an icon in a browser’s address bar or next to a website’s name) is the property of World Of Universal. Other featured logos, characters, and images are the property of their respective owners.

VI. Copyright Notice
If we believe that any of our content is published or used without our consent or if any of our content is not given appropriate credit, we may respond using a procedure we deem proper. If you would like to feature any of our original photos, you are free to do so by including “Photo via” in your post (approval is not necessary).

If you believe that your copyrighted work is infringed by content appearing on our website or social media accounts, please contact us at and title the subject “Copyright Infringement.” Then, include the following information in your notice to us.

Required Information for Copyright Infringement Notices
1. Your first and last name.
2. Your website and/or social media account(s) (if you own any).
3. A link to and/or a detailed description of the work you believe has been infringed.
4. A detailed statement about why you suspect the work has been infringed.
5. Proof that the work you believe has been infringed is yours.

Please note that the copyrighted work must be your own. If your message requires a response, you should receive one within 48 hours (check your spam/junk folder in addition to your inbox).

VII. Termination
World Of Universal reserves the right to terminate any accounts and block any users from accessing this website and/or our social media accounts.

VIII. Team Members
We reserve the right to edit and publicly post team members’ content, reject any applicants, and terminate anyone from the position they hold (with and without consent). Team members acknowledge when applying for a position that they will not be paid, as all positions are voluntary and meant to provide exposure while supplying content to thousands of theme park fans and visitors.

IX. Changes to our Legal Notice
From time to time, it may be necessary for us to update the information presented in this Legal Notice to meet any changes that have been made or to clarify the context of this notice. World Of Universal reserves the right to change any information in this notice at any time and may do so without notification. Should any change come, the modified date will be posted at the top of this page. Your use of our website following any changes constitutes your understanding of our revised Legal Notice. It is your responsibility to periodically review this notice to ensure that you understand the current version.

X. How to Contact Us
You may contact us with any questions or comments about this Legal Notice or our operations and services by emailing If your message is to discuss the content in this notice, please title the subject “Legal Notice Information.” If your message is to discuss our operations and services, please create a title for the subject line that best suits what your email is about. We will make every effort to address the concern(s) or question(s) that you may have. If your message requires a response, you should receive one within 48 hours (check your spam/junk folder in addition to your inbox).

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